Content Delivery for News Distributors


Innovative News Distribution Technology

Key Features

Automated voice-to-text transcription, with manual override

Social integrations

Keyword Search in-video, script and metadata

Mobile and freelance video contributions

Ingestion, standardization and integration of video content

User-friendly interface management and organization

Sophisticated workflow and video approval/distribution rules

Secure data management

Getting your news content to where it needs to be,

before it has to be there.

News distribution platforms need to be flexible and easy to use so that you can move as quickly as events do.  Widenet offers an innovative platform for news distributors to centralize, organize and distribute breaking and daily news video.  Feel confident that your content will always be available to the people who need it – your producers, affiliates and customers.


Unlike most content delivery platforms, Widenet is designed to never “go down”, go offline, crash, break, boom , blast or anything else meaning to not be available. We guarantee this to you by offering:

  • Full website redundancy at multiple locations/data centers

  • Immediate failover backup operations

  • No maintenance windows

  • As technology advances, you don’t have to “renew” or update anything.  We’ll handle that and make sure you always have a sleek GUI to share with your customers.  We’re constantly working on enhancements and customizations and appreciate feedback and suggestions.

The perfect tool to centralize, organize, and distribute all your digital media files:


Secure Storage

Keep your media safe and secure, and easily accessible from any connected device

Video, Audio, Images and Documents

Powerful Search and Video distribution


Find the content you need, fast.

Fast, powerful text-based searching and filtering connects you with content you need.

Search entire archive

Granular filtering and sorting



Free to Use

Faster delivery to your workflow for editing, distribution and social

Video formatting


Access Management and Archiving


Includes content access rules based on user-type, category, format and a wide range of other fields.

Choose the content you want to archive long-term and clear out the rest by creating purging rules based on popularity, content type, source etc and/or set expiration plans for certain types of content.

Generate revenue from your archive.

Monetize your content through subscription video on demand (VOD) packages or clip-licensing.​

We help organizations to easily store, manage, distribute and license their video

Widenet is the solution for video management that news distributors need.

We work hard at our tech.  Widenet is built on more than 20 years’ experience in video and media management, and we strive to keep it leading edge.  Widenet’s intuitive user interface makes storing, finding, viewing, and managing your content a breeze.

Widenet is a Videoship product.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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