For Professors




Lecturo features integrated closed captioning, picture in picture (2nd source computer screen), and rolling voice-to-text transcription

Video management

Video management utility to organize videos by course and semester, as well as dynamic password administration on individual courses or lectures.


Turnkey solution to simultaneously webcast live and to capture a cloud-based recording of sessions for later, on-demand distribution.  When paired with the Home Studio, recording function supports multiple feeds (i.e. camera and laptop screen) which may be toggled by the professor, as well as advanced functions such as fade transitions and picture-in-picture.

Secure distribution

Secure, on-demand distribution of lectures and ancillary materials via a student-centric user interface supporting full-text video search positioning and playback.  The distribution is done through the provision of URLs which allows the hosted lectures to be integrated directly into student portals (such as Brightspace, Blackboard, etc.).  Professors can also decide whether or not students can download videos and/or transcripts, therefore maintaining full control of the distribution of content.

Standardization of course material format

Course material format standardization, with the ability to ingest pre-existing material from third-party products such as recordings from Zoom or Teams.

Closed captions

Automatic closed captioning of lectures that can be edited by professors.  Lecturo also includes a machine translation program which can make professors’ courses more accessible to ESL learners.

Retain intellectual property rights

When using Lecturo for your video hosting needs, professors can rest assured that they retain all intellectual property rights on the content of the videos.  Lecturo does not take any rights to the content or videos uploaded to its platform and has in place strong security features to ensure that no one – expect for professors, their student, and whomever else they choose – can gain access to the videos.